YouTube Receives Take Down Notices from Microsoft Over Tech Vids

YouTube Receives Take Down Notices from Microsoft Over Tech Vids


Microsoft’s never-ending battle against software piracy caused some collateral damage this week. The victims were a handful of prominent YouTube video bloggers.

The bloggers—including LockerGnome founder Chris Pirillo and FrugalTech host Bruce Naylor—took to Twitter on Tuesday, with the hashtag #Microstopped, to complain that they had received erroneous copyright infringement notices for videos that were several years old. The notices were filed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Microsoft has been quick to distance itself from the actions of the law firm responsible for the take down notices. Some users, including Pirillo, initially believed that the copyright claims were targeting videos critical of Microsoft products, but Microsoft has denied at these rumors. According to a statement released by the software maker the videos were flagged because other users had posted stolen product keys in the comments. Those keys were the real target of the takedown action but the legal team overreacted and the videos were collateral damage. In a message from Microsoft’s Twitter account the company stated that it was investigating the takedown notices and that Microsoft had no intention of targeting “great content.”

Events such as this cause continued concern over YouTube's copyright infringement system. While these videos weren’t targeted for their content they easily could have been and the dispute process could have cost their creators months in time and lost revenue. YouTube’s copyright system is in need of reform to ensure it is not abused.

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