Registration, licensing, and enforcement

Registering your copyrights affords you the ability to enforce your rights. You may be unable to stop infringement without properly registering your work with federal and state governments.

Joey will advise you on the best methods to protect your original creative works. He will review all materials and obtain all pertinent information prior to preparing and submitting your copyright application.

Once a copyright is obtained, Joey can assist in protecting your rights, as well as preparing agreements that allow others to use or market your original creative material. Copyright licensing involves some of the most creative and detailed licensing contract drafting, and Joey can tailor a contract to your industry and needs.

Joey can also provide assistance with obtaining copyright protection in other countries. Many countries offer protection to foreign works through international copyright treaties and conventions. Joey can provide you with valuable advice in choosing the proper markets for your copyrighted works and get you the most protection available throughout the world.

$250 plus filing fees.

Includes in-person or telephone consultation, opinion letter, drafting and filing of registration, and certificate of registration. Online application tracking throughout the process will be available soon.

Billed at hourly rate. Please contact us with more details about your situation to receive a more accurate quote.