About Us


Joey opened the Law Firm of Joey Miller, PLLC in 2012 to help central Texas entrepreneurs and creative professionals succeed. Because he is a musician, entrepreneur, and tech geek, he is able to connect with clients in the entertainment and tech industries.

Joey helps creative professionals manage and protect their valuable intellectual property. He assists with registration of copyrights and trademarks, drafts and reviews licensing and sales agreements. drafts website terms of use and privacy policies, drafts demand or cease and desist letters, and prepares confidentiality agreements.

Joey provides advice and counsel to musicians and bands, music-related businesses, and others in the music industry regarding business and legal matters. He drafts, reviews, and negotiates contracts such as band performance agreements, recording contracts, business formation agreements, licensing agreements, merchandising deals, distribution deals, publishing contracts, and talent representation agreements.

Joey's practice also involves counseling small businesses before, during, and after the formation process. Joey provides businesses with the tools to maintain compliance and avoid costly legal pitfalls.

Joey aids with non-profit formation and compliance. He provides advice during all stages of a non-profit, including 501(c)(3) registration.

Although his primary focus is entertainment, intellectual property, and small business/non-profit law, he can provide a number of other legal services, such as estate planning and routine contract drafting and review.