UK Electronic label Ministry of Sound sues Spotify

UK Electronic label Ministry of Sound sues Spotify


UK electronic music label Ministry Of Sound has sued Spotify for copyright infringement based on Spotify Playlists that reproduce MoS compilations. It's at the heart of the electronic music remix culture and is likely to affect both free and Spotify Premium users, as well as streaming music apps who let users create playlists from within the app.

The fight may determine the future for user-generated capabilities in streaming music service mobile apps, since Spotify playlists are one of the main features of its service. If users have "rules" around what playlists can be made through Spotify playlists and the others, how is that handled? Do users take responsibility for copyright infringement or does Spotify pay some sort of blanket licensing to cover the cost?

"What we do is a lot more than putting playlists together: a lot of research goes into creating our compilation albums, and the intellectual property involved in that. It's not appropriate for someone to just cut and paste them," said Ministry of Sound chief executive Lohan Presencer when speaking to the Guardian.

The future of user-generated content on such services will depend on the outcome of this case and many like it.

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