Microsoft considers rebranding Internet Explorer

Microsoft considers rebranding Internet Explorer


Microsoft has had discussions about renaming Internet Explorer to distance the browser from its tarnished image, according to developer team members in a Reddit session last week.

In spite of significant investment in the browser (current version is Internet Explorer 11) many still view the browser as infamous for lack of support after version 6. Microsoft has been working to recruit developers and get them to give the browser a second chance, but Microsoft still faces many challenges.

Rebranding could be seen as a way of breaking from the past and distancing the new, better performing browser from its legacy. The team was asked if it had considered renaming, and the answer was yes. The browser developers noted that the discussion was "very recent" and remarked "Who knows what the future holds."

The company also confirmed that in spite of a new policy that offers new features in the regular monthly updates to the browser, there will still be new major versions in the future.

This is significant because of the new support policy that will see Microsoft only support the current version of its browser on each version of Windows, when previously it supported every version that works. The release of Internet Explorer 12 (or whatever the name ends up being) will reset that support window.

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