Contract Review

Protect your rights. Protect your interests.

Did you know you could be losing money or intellectual property rights by signing a contract without a proper review?

Intellectual Property Rights

Clearance & Licensing

When using film footage, audio clips, or other portions of original creative works in your projects, you need to consider what elements need permission: music, film, television broadcasts, photography, works of art, brands and logos, actors and athletes, and written and spoken word. Joey can navigate these elements for you.


Registration, licensing, and enforcement

Whether you want to protect your original creation or seek permission to use someone else's work, Joey can help. He can also help you avoid the many common misconceptions.


Formation, tax-exemption, and counsel

Organizations can do more good with the right structure and governance. Ensure your organization has the right tools to make a difference in your community.


Registration, enforcement, and litigation

Submitting a company name, logo, or service mark for registration is an involved process, but failure to do so could result in another business profiting from your brand.


Advice before and after the formation process

Entrepreneurs face tough decisions at every step of forming and running a business. Joey provides competent advice during the complete life cycle of your business.